Here you can find list of some assets which I'm creating in a free time in Blender. Some of them are free and some you can buy on and Unity Store. Also you can find some of my 2D assets on

I'll be happy to make some custom assets for your game - you can always contact me for more information at
European Road Signs
The package contains 280 prefabs (all with 3 LOD models) that are ready for many more combinations according your wishes.

All signs are inspired by european style (mostly Czech Republic), but with his own design - great for every fictional city at european style.

3D Graveyard Pack
The package contains ready to use assets for creating your own graveyard environment with example scene.

One detailed church model (night and day variants), 13 grave combinations, 1 monument, fence models, small graveyard assets, terrain materials and fire animation.

European Houses
Pack of european houses ready for use in any game

Download on Sketchfab